Monday, November 21, 2011

Freddy vs. Jason

2003 American slasher film

Director: Ronny Yu

Writer: Damian Shannon & Mark Swift

Cinematographer: Fred Murphy

Running time: 97 min

Country: United States & Canada


Robert Englund - Freddy Krueger
Ken Kirzinger - Jason Voorhees
Monica Keena - Lori Campbell
Jason Ritter - Will Rollins
Kelly Rowland - Kia Waterson
Chris Marquette - Charlie Linderman
Brendan Fletcher - Mark Davis
Lochlyn Munro - Deputy Scott Stubbs
Katharine Isabelle - Gibb Smith
Kyle Labine - Bill Freeburg
Tom Butler - Dr. Campbell
Zack Ward - Bobby Davis
Gary Chalk - Sheriff Williams
Jesse Hutch - Trey
David Kopp - Blake
Odessa Munroe - Heather
Chris Gauthier - Shack
Paula Shaw - Pamela Voorhees
Sharon Peters - Mrs. Campbell

Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees return to terrorize the teenage population. Except this time, they're out to get each other, too.

BMI Film Music Award- Graeme Revell- BMI Film & TV Awards
Chainsaw Award- Best Makeup/Creature FX Bill Terezakis- Fangoria Chainsaw Awards

Rob Zombie was offered to direct, but turned it down to work on his pet project House of 1000 Corpses.


5 stars out of 5 stars

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