Thursday, February 9, 2012

Johnny Got His Gun

1971 Anti-War film

Director: Dalton Trumbo

Writer: Dalton Trumbo

Cinematography: Jules Brenner

Running time: 111 minutes

Country: United States

Tagline: The most shattering experience you'll ever live.

Timothy Bottoms as Joe Bonham
Kathy Fields as Kareen
Marsha Hunt as Joe's Mother
Jason Robards as Joe's Father
Donald Sutherland as Christ
Charles McGraw as Mike Burkeman
Sandy Brown Wyeth as Lucky
Don 'Red' Barry as Jody Simmons (billed as Donald Barry)

Joe, a young American soldier, is hit by a mortar shell on the last day of World War I. He lies in a hospital bed in a fate worse than death --- a quadruple amputee who has lost his arms, legs, eyes, ears, mouth and nose. He remains conscious and able to think, thereby reliving his life through strange dreams and memories, unable to distinguish whether he is awake or dreaming. He remains frustrated by his situation, until one day when Joe discovers a unique way to communicate with his caregivers.

  1. FIPRESCI Prize-Dalton Trumbo-Cannes Film Festival
  2. Grand Prize of the Jury- Dalton Trumbo-Cannes Film Festival
  3. Readers' Choice Award-Best Foreign Language Film Dalton TrumboKinema Junpo Awards

Only a minor success at the time of its release, this long-forgotten film became well known in 1989 when it was incorporated in the Metallica video "One" (1989), which turned it into a cult item. 


4 stars out of 5 stars

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