Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Take Me Home Tonight

2011 American Retro Comedy Film

Director: Michael Dowse

Writer: Jackie Filgo & Jeff Filgo

Cinematography: Terry Stacey

Running time: 97 minutes

Country: United States

Tagline: Best. Night. Ever.

Topher Grace as Matt Franklin
Anna Faris as Wendy Franklin
Dan Fogler as Barry Nathan
Teresa Palmer as Tori Fredreking
Anney Tesloyn Gomez as Donna Kepler
Chris Pratt as Kyle Masterson
Michael Biehn as Bill Franklin
Lucy Punch as Shelly
Michelle Trachtenberg as Ashley
Demetri Martin as Carlos
Michael Ian Black as Pete Bering
Bob Odenkirk as Mike
Angie Everhart as Trisha Anderson
Jay Jablonski as Benji
Edwin Hodge as Bryce
Candace Kroslak as Ally
Nathalie Kelley as Beth
Robert Hoffman as Tyler "Dance Machine" Jones
Ryan Bittle as Rick Herrington
Seth Gabel as Brent Tufford

Four years after graduation, an awkward high school genius uses his sister's boyfriend's Labor Day party as the perfect opportunity to make his move on his high school crush.

Awards: None

Topher Grace revealed that the heavy drug use in the film caused the delayed release. Grace and director Michael Dowse wanted to "do something that felt like it was literally made in the '80s" and not a parody of that generation. Grace believed it wouldn't be the 80's without heavy cocaine use, so there was "real hesitation" on part of the studios. The film ended up sitting on the shelf until Ron Howard and Brian Grazer of Imagine Entertainment came to the rescue. According to Grace, they even ended up "putting stuff back" in the film, rather than having to cut. 


4 stars out of 5 stars

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