Thursday, January 26, 2012

Above the Law

1988 Action Film

Director: Andrew Davis

Writer: Steven Pressfield, Ronald Shusett & Andrew Davis

Cinematography: Robert Steadman

Running time: 99 minutes

Country: United States & Hong Kong

Tagline: He's a cop who believes no one is above the law.

Steven Seagal as Det. Sgt. Nico Toscani
Sharon Stone as Sara Toscani
Pam Grier as Det. Delores “Jacks” Jackson
Henry Silva as Kurt Zagon
Ron Dean as Det. Lukich
Daniel Faraldo as Tony Salvano
Miguel Nino as Chi Chi Ramon
Nicholas Kusenko as FBI Agent Neeley
Joe Greco as Father Joseph Gennaro (as Joe V. Greco)
Chelcie Ross as Nelson Fox
Michael Rooker as Man in Bar #1
Dale Payne as Man in Bar #2
Joe D. Lauck as Senator Ernest Harrison
Henry Godinez as Father Tomasino

Nico Toscani, an ex-CIA policeman now working for the local police department, while doing an investigation discovers the existence of a big weapon trade. Nico finally reaches Zagon and Salvano, two corrupted American secret service members.

Awards: None

Steven Seagal personally selected every weapon seen in the film.


4 stars out of 5 stars

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