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Pan's Labyrinth

2006 Mexican Spanish Language Dark Fantasy Film

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Writer: Guillermo del Toro

Cinematography: Guillermo Navarro

Running time: 112 minutes

Country: Mexico

Tagline: In darkness, there can be light. In misery, there can be beauty. In death, there can be life....

Ivana Baquero as Ofelia / Princess Moanna
Doug Jones as Faun and Pale Man
Sergi López as Captain Vidal
Maribel Verdú as Mercedes
Ariadna Gil as Carmen / Queen of the Underworld
Alex Angulo as Doctor Ferreiro
Roger Casamajor as Pedro
Manolo Solo as Garcés
César Vea as Serrano
Federico Luppi as King of the Underworld
Pablo Adán as Narrator / Voice of Faun

In the fascist Spain of 1944, the bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into an eerie but captivating fantasy world.

  1. Oscar- Best Achievement in Art Direction Eugenio Caballero (art director) & Pilar Revuelta (set decorator)- Academy Awards, USA
  2. Best Achievement in Cinematography Guillermo Navarro- Academy Awards, USA
  3. Best Achievement in Makeup David Martí & Montse Ribé- Academy Awards, USA
  4. Saturn Award- Best International Film- Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA
  5. Saturn Award- Best Performance by a Younger Actor Ivana Baquero- Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA
  6. Silver Condor- Best Foreign Film, Spanish Language (Mejor Película Iberoamericana) Guillermo del Toro- Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards
  7. Silver Ariel- Best Actress (Mejor Actriz) Maribel Verdú- Ariel Awards, Mexico
  8. Silver Ariel- Best Art Direction (Mejor Diseño de Arte) Eugenio Caballero, Ramón Moya & Pilar Revuelta- Ariel Awards, Mexico
  9. Silver Ariel- Best Cinematography (Mejor Fotografía) Guillermo Navarro- Ariel Awards, Mexico
  10. Silver Ariel- Best Costume Design (Mejor Vestuario) Lala Huete- Ariel Awards, Mexico
  11. Silver Ariel- Best Direction (Mejor Dirección) Guillermo del Toro- Ariel Awards, Mexico
  12. Silver Ariel- Best Make-Up (Mejor Maquillaje) José Quetglás & Blanca Sánchez- Ariel Awards, Mexico
  13. Silver Ariel- Best Original Score (Mejor Música Compuesta para Cine) Javier Navarrete- Ariel Awards, Mexico
  14. Silver Ariel- Best Special Effects (Mejor Efectos Especiales)Reyes Abades, Ángel Alonso, David Martí & Montse Ribé- Ariel Awards, Mexico
  15. Excellence in Production Design Award-Feature Film - Fantasy Film Eugenio Caballero (production designer), Gabriel Liste (assistant art director), Carlos Zaragoza (assistant art director) & Alicia Castro (assistant art director) Art Directors Guild
  16. Austin Film Critics Award-Best Foreign Film-Austin Film Critics Association
  17. Austin Film Critics Award-Best Screenplay, Original Guillermo del Toro-Austin Film Critics Association
  18. BAFTA Film Award-Best Costume Design Lala Huete-BAFTA Awards
  19. BAFTA Film Award-Best Film not in the English Language Alfonso Cuarón, Bertha Navarro, Frida Torresblanco & Guillermo del Toro-BAFTA Awards
  20. BAFTA Film Award-Best Make Up & Hair José Quetglás & Blanca Sánchez- BAFTA Awards
  21. Bodil- Best Non-American Film (Bedste ikke-amerikanske film)Guillermo del Toro- Bodil Awards
  22. BSFC Award- Best Cinematography Guillermo Navarro- Boston Society of Film Critics Awards
  23. BSFC Award- Best Foreign/Language Film- Boston Society of Film Critics Awards
  24. Butaca- Best Catalan Film Actor (Millor actor català de cinema)Sergi López- Butaca Awards
  25. Golden Frog- Guillermo Navarro- Camerimage
  26. COFCA Award- Best Foreign Language Film- Central Ohio Film Critics Association
  27. Chlotrudis Award- Best Visual Design- Chlotrudis Awards
  28. CEC Award- Best Cinematography (Mejor Fotografía)Guillermo Navarro- Cinema
    Writers Circle
    Awards, Spain
  29. CEC Award- Best Editing (Mejor Montaje)Bernat Vilaplana- Cinema
    Writers Circle
    Awards, Spain
  30. CDG Award- Excellence in Costume Design for Film – Fantasy Lala Huete- Costume Designers Guild Awards
  31. Empire Award- Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy- Empire Awards, UK
  32. International Fantasy Film Award- Best Actor Sergi López- Fantasporto
  33. International Fantasy Film Award- Best Film Guillermo del Toro- Fantasporto
  34. FFCC Award- Best Cinematography Guillermo Navarro- Florida Film
    Critics Circle
  35. FFCC Award- Best Foreign Language Film- Florida Film
    Critics Circle
  36. Fotogramas de Plata- Best Film (Mejor Película Española)Guillermo del Toro- Fotogramas de Plata
  37. Goya- Best Cinematography (Mejor Fotografía)Guillermo Navarro- Goya Awards
  38. Goya- Best Editing (Mejor Montaje)Bernat Vilaplana- Goya Awards
  39. Goya- Best Make-Up and Hairstyles (Mejor Maquillaje y/o Peluquería)José Quetglás & Blanca Sánchez- Goya Awards
  40. Goya- Best New Actress (Mejor Actriz Revelación)Ivana Baquero- Goya Awards
  41. Goya- Best Screenplay - Original (Mejor Guión Original)Guillermo del Toro- Goya Awards
  42. Goya- Best Sound (Mejor Sonido)Miguel Ángel Polo & Martín Hernández- Goya Awards
  43. Goya- Best Special Effects (Mejores Efectos Especiales)David, Marti, Reyes Abades, Everett Burrell, Edward Irastorza & Emilio Ruiz del Río
  44. Hugo- Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form- Hugo Awards
  45. Imagen Award- Best Actress – Film Ivana Baquero- Imagen Foundation Awards
  46. Imagen Award- Best Director – Film Guillermo del Toro- Imagen Foundation Awards
  47. Imagen Award- Best Picture- Imagen Foundation Awards
  48. Independent Spirit Award- Best Cinematography Guillermo Navarro- Independent Spirit Awards
  49. Vincent Koehler Award for Outstanding Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror Film- Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards
  50. Sierra Award- Best Foreign Film- Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards
  51. LAFCA Award- Best Production Design Eugenio Caballero- Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards
  52. Golden Reel Award- Best Sound Editing for Sound Effects and Foley in a Foreign Film
    Martín Hernández (supervising sound editor/sound designer), Sergio Diaz (supervising dialogue/adr editor/dialogue editor), Roland N. Thai (sound effects editor/sound designer)
    Dana Blanco (sound effects editor), Alejandro Quevedo (sound effects editor), Carlos Zamorano (foley artist) & Dana Blanco (foley artist)-
    Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA
  53. NBR Award- Top Five Foreign Films- National Board of Review, USA
  54. NSFC Award- Best Film- National Society of Film Critics Awards, USA
  55. NYFCC Award- Best Cinematographer Guillermo Navarro- New York Film
    Critics Circle
  56. Cinemania Award- Maribel Verdú- Ondas Awards
  57. OFCS Award- Best Foreign Film- Online Film Critics Society Awards
  58. OFCS Award- Best Screenplay, Original Guillermo del Toro- Online Film Critics Society Awards
  59. FIPRESCI Prize- Guillermo del Toro- Palm Springs International Film Festival
  60. Premio ACE- Best New Actress Ivana Baquero- Premios ACE
  61. Premio ACE- Cinema - Best Film Guillermo del Toro- Premios ACE
  62. SFFCC Award- Best Foreign-Language Film- San Francisco Film
    Critics Circle
  63. Sant Jordi- Best Film (Mejor Película Española)Guillermo del Toro- Sant Jordi Awards
  64. Satellite Award- Best Motion Picture, Animated or Mixed Media- Satellite Awards
  65. SEFCA Award- Best Foreign Language Film- Southeastern Film Critics Association Awards
  66. Newcomer Award- Female (Categoría Femenina)Ivana Baquero- Spanish Actors Union
  67. Audience Award- Best Spanish Film Guillermo del Toro- Turia Awards
  68. Turia Award- Best Actor Sergi López- Turia Awards
  69. Turia Award- Best Actress Maribel Verdú- Turia Awards
  70. Turia Award- Best New Actress Ivana Baquero- Turia Awards
  71. WAFCA Award-Best Foreign Film-Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards

Stephen King attended a screening of the film and sat next to Guillermo del Toro. According to Del Toro, King squirmed when the Pale Man chased Ofelia. Del Toro compared the experience of seeing King's reaction to winning an Oscar.


5 stars out of 5 stars

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