Monday, January 16, 2012

U Turn

1997 Crime Film

Director: Oliver Stone

Writer: John Ridley & Oliver Stone

Cinematography: Robert Richardson

Running time: 125 minutes

Country: France & United States

Tagline: Sex. Murder. Betrayal. Everything that makes life worth living
Sean Penn as Bobby Cooper
Nick Nolte as Jake McKenna
Jennifer Lopez as Grace McKenna
Powers Boothe as Sheriff Virgil Potter
Claire Danes as Jenny
Joaquin Phoenix as Toby N. Tucker a.k.a. TNT
Jon Voight as Blind Indian
Billy Bob Thornton as Darrell
Abraham Benrubi as Biker #1
Richard Rutowski as Biker #2
Aida Linares as Jamilla
Sean Stone as Boy in Grocery Store
Ilia Volokh as Sergei
Valeri Nikolayev as Mr. Arkady
Brent Briscoe as Boyd
Bo Hopkins as Ed
Julie Hagerty as Flo
Liv Tyler as Girl in Bus Station "cameo appearance"
Laurie Metcalf as Bus Station ticket attendant "cameo appearance"

A drifter becomes entangled with a femme fatale and her husband after his car breaks down in their small Southwest town.

Awards: None

Loosely inspired by a true event that took place in the early '80s where a drifter (like 'Sean Penn’s character) passed through a remote Southwestern road-stop only to never be heard from again.


5 stars out of 5 stars

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