Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beware! Children at Play

1989 Horror Film

Director: Mik Cribben

Writer: Fred Scharkey

Cinematography: Mik Cribben

Running time: 94 minutes

Country: United States

Tagline: Gut wrenching terror!

Michael Robertson as John DeWolfe
Rich Hamilton as Sheriff Ross Carr
Robin Lilly as Cleo Carr
Lori Tirgrath as Julia DeWolfe
Jamie Krause as Kara DeWolfe
Sunshine Barrett as Mary Rose Carr
Mark Diekman as Luke Domain
Mik Cribben as Farmer Isac Braun
Susan Chandler as Mrs. Mary Braun
Herb Klinger as Franklin Ludwig
Lauren Cloud as Dale Hawthorn
Lorna Courtney as Amy Carr / Wealtheow
Danny McClaughlin as Grendel / Glenn Randall
Stephanie Jaworski as Alice Allegari
Lee Kayman as Josiah Modicah
Bernard Hocke as Professor Randall
Eric Tonken as Young Glenn Randall
Rick Bitzelberger as Dr. Fish

After several children have gone missing, a writer and a cop decide to get to the bottom of the problem once and for all. As they find more and more leads they discover that their children are being brainwashed into zombified cannibal killers by a disturbed teen.

Awards: None

The film is one of Troma's most controversial titles due to its gruesome finale, a five-minute sequence where the townspeople brutally murder each of the cannibalistic children using firearms, pitchforks, and other assorted weapons. According to Lloyd Kaufman, when the film's trailer played at the Cannes Film Festival before a screening of Tromeo and Juliet, nearly half of the theatre walked out in protest.



2 stars out of 5 stars

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