Thursday, April 19, 2012


2000 Horror Film

Director: Eric Stanze

Writer: Tommy Biondo

Cinematography: Eric Stanze

Running time: 95 minutes

Country: United States

Tagline: True horror is simply what one human being can do to another.

Emily Haack as Clara
Tommy Biondo as Leonard
Todd Tevlin as Biffle Morris
Elizabeth Hammock as Young Leonard's Sister
Sam Maiden Jr. as Young Leonard's Brother
Angelia Sanderson as the Victim in the Van

A young woman named Clara is captured by a serial killer named Leonard who records his "life story" by keeping a scrapbook of his many victims. In addition to adhering Polaroid’s, scraps of clothing, and other small trophies to the pages, Leonard has forced his victims to personally write in the scrapbook about their individual ordeals. Clara is beaten, raped, starved, and locked up like an animal, filthy and naked. She is forced to write in the scrapbook, adding her agony to the pages. She soon realizes that her only hope for survival is to manipulate Leonard through her writings in his cherished scrapbook.

  1. B-Movie Award-Best B-Movie Eric Stanze-B-Movie Film Festival
  2. B-Movie Award-Best Director Eric Stanze-B-Movie Film Festival
  3. B-Movie Award-Best Screenplay Tommy Biondo-B-Movie Film Festival 
  4. B-Movie Award-Best Villian Tommy Biondo-B-Movie Film Festival 

The movie is based on actual events, researched by Tommy Biondo over a five year period. 


2 stars out of 5 stars

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