Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dark Corners

2006 Horror-Thriller Film

Director: Ray Gower

Writer: Ray Gower

Cinematography: Paul Sadourian

Running time: 92 minutes

Country: United States & United Kingdom

Tagline: Terror Breeds in the Shadows of the Soul

Thora Birch as Susan Hamilton / Karen Clarke
Toby Stephens as Dr. Woodleigh
Christien Anholt as David Hamilton
Joanna Hole as Elaine Jordan
Glenn Beck as Mr. Saunders

A troubled young woman wakes up one day as a different person - someone who is stalked by creatures.

Awards: None

Thora Birch’s parents, Jack Birch & Carol Connors, thought that she would be a boy, and planned on naming the child Thor, after the Norse God of Thunder and Lightning. When she was born, however, her parents feminized the name and called her Thora.



2 stars out of 5 stars

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