Friday, March 2, 2012

Carlton-Browne of the F.O.

1959 British Comedy Film

Director: Roy Boulting & Jeffrey Dell

Writer: Roy Boulting & Jeffrey Dell

Cinematography: Mutz Greenbaum

Running time: 86 minutes

Country: United Kingdom

Terry-Thomas as Cadogen De Vere Carlton-Browne
Peter Sellers as Prime Minister Amphibulos
Luciana Paluzzi as Princess Ilyena
Ian Bannen as the young king
Thorley Walters as Colonel Bellingham
Raymond Huntley as the Foreign Office Minister
Miles Malleson as Resident Advisor Davidson
John Le Mesurier as the Grand Duke
Marie Lohr as Lady Carlton-Browne
Kynaston Reeves as Sir Arthur Carlton-Browne
Ronald Adam as Sir John Farthing
John Van Eyssen as Hewitt
Nicholas Parsons as Rodgers
Irene Handl as Mrs. Carter
Harry Locke as Gaillardian commentator
Basil Dignam as Security Officer
Sam Kydd as Signaller
Robert Bruce as Major Miller
John Glyn-Jones as Newsreel Interviewer
Marianne Stone as Woman In Cinema
Kathryn Keeton as Dancer
Margaret Lacey as Onlooker

Great Britain has had an international agreement for the last 50 years with a small pacific island. It has been ignored until the death of their king brings it to the attention of the Foreign Office in Whitehall. They decide to send Cadogan de Vere Carlton-Browne to re-establish friendly relations.

Awards: None

The tune played by the marching band during the welcoming parade was used extensively in the classic BBC radio comedy, The Goon Show, which also starred Peter Sellers. 


3 stars out of 5 stars

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