Monday, March 19, 2012

The Keep

1983 Horror Film

Director: Michael Mann

Writer: Michael Mann

Cinematography: Alex Thomson

Running time: 96 minutes

Country: United States

Tagline: THEY WERE ALL DRAWN TO THE KEEP. The soldiers who brought death. The father and daughter fighting for life. The people who have always feared it. And the one man who knows its secret... THE KEEP Tonight, they will all face the evil.

Scott Glenn as Glaeken Trismegestus
Alberta Watson as Eva Cuza
J├╝rgen Prochnow as Captain Klaus Woermann
Robert Prosky as Father Fonescu
Gabriel Byrne as SD Officer Sturmbannf├╝hrer Eric Kaempffer
Ian McKellen as Dr. Theodore Cuza
Morgan Sheppard as Alexandru
Royston Tickner as Tomescu
Michael Carter as Radu Molasar
Bruce Payne as Border Guard

Nazis guard a citadel that harbors a dangerous force that starts wreaking havoc and death upon them, forcing an uneasy alliance with a Jewish professional who can stop it.

Awards: None

Michael Mann's original cut of the film ran three and a half hours. 



3 stars out of 5 stars

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