Tuesday, March 27, 2012


2003 Action-Crime-Thriller Film

Director: Clark Johnson

Writer: David Ayer & David McKenna

Cinematography: Stephen Goldblatt

Running time: 117 minutes

Country: United States

Tagline: You're either S.W.A.T. or you're not.

Samuel L. Jackson as Sergeant Second Grade Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson
Colin Farrell as Police Officer Third Grade Jim Street
Michelle Rodriguez as Police Officer Third Grade Christina "Chris" Sanchez
LL Cool J as Police Officer Third Grade Deacon "Deke" Kaye
Josh Charles as Police Officer Third Grade T.J. McCabe
Jeremy Renner as former Police Officer Third Grade Brian Gamble
Brian Van Holt as Police Officer Third Grade Michael Boxer
Olivier Martinez as Alexander "Alex" Montel
Ken Davitian as Martin Gascoigne
Reg E. Cathey as Lieutenant Second Grade Greg Velasquez
Larry Poindexter as Captain Thomas Fuller
Page Kennedy as Travis
Domenick Lombardozzi as GQ
James DuMont as Gus

An imprisoned drug kingpin offers a huge cash reward to anyone that can break him out of police custody and only the LAPD's Special Weapons and Tactics team can prevent it.

  1. ASCAP Award-Top Box Office Films Elliot Goldenthal-ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards
  2. COLA-Location Professional of the Year – Features Mark Benton Johnson-California on Location Awards
  3. Imagen Award-Best Supporting Actress in a Film Michelle Rodriguez-Imagen Foundation Awards
  4. MTV Movie Award-Best Colin Farrell in a Movie Colin Farrell-MTV Movie Awards, Mexico

As Alex Montel (Olivier Martinez) is being handcuffed by Jim Street (Colin Farrell), he is seen face down over Alex Trebek's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Alex Trebek also provides the (uncredited) newscast voice-over during this shot. 



3 stars out of 5 stars

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