Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nightmare Castle

1965 Italian Gothic Horror Film

Director: Mario Caiano

Writer: Mario Caiano & Fabio De Agostini

Cinematography: Enzo Barboni

Running time: 101 minutes

Country: Italy

Tagline: So weird! ...So shocking! Do YOU dare see it!

Barbara Steele as Muriel Arrowsmith / Jenny Arrowsmith
Paul Muller as Dr. Stephen Arrowsmith
Helga Liné as Solange
Laurence Clift as Dr. Dereck Joyce
Giuseppe Addobbati as Jonathan
Rik Battaglia as David

A woman and her lover are tortured and killed by her sadistic husband. The pair returns from the grave to seek vengeance.

Awards: None

Director Mario Caiano initially wanted to highlight the gory scenes with red color. The idea was dropped due to budget limitations. 


3 stars out of 5 stars

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