Wednesday, May 4, 2011

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero (Review)

Yesterday I was watching G.I. Joe The Movie from 1987. And boy did it bring back memories from my childhood. It was like I was transported back to Saturday morning as a kid. I think G.I. Joe was my favorite cartoon and action figures from the eighties or maybe it was He-man. Who really cares not you I am sure. But it was nice seeing my old friends Duke, Hawk, Snake Eyes, and Scarlett. Also let me not forget about the Cobra Command Destro,The Baroness, Dr. Mindbender and My favorite Cobra Commander. The movie is pretty good or am I biased maybe both. But if you have a little time on your hands give this movie a watch and if you were a kid of the eighties like me you won't regret it. Because knowing is half the battle! Go Joe!!

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