Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rampage (Review)

Rampage is a film from 2009 by Controversiafilm director Uwe Boll. It Stars Brendan Fletcher as Bill Williamson a 23 year old who lives with his parents. The film starts out showing Bill working out while listening to clips from the news. All of the news being bad in nature. Then we are introduced to his parents played by Matt Frewer and Lynda Boyd. No names are give to Bill parents they are just Mom and Dad. We soon learn that they want Bill to move out and get his own place. Bill seems like this doesn't really bother him. But there seems to be inner turmoil within Bill. Soon the fireworks go off in this movie by fireworks I mean bombs gun shots etc. This film is very visceral so remember that before you sit down and watch it. Overall this is a good film good pacing and a twist at the end. Also Michael Paré from Eddie and the Cruisers fame is in it so it can't be that bad. So give Rampage a watch and if you do you won't be sorry unless Bill gets you.

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