Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shock (Review)

What would you do if you saw someone getting murdered would you call the police, run away, or just go into shock? Well the latter happen to Janet Stewart (Anabel Shaw) in the 1946 thriller Shock. The film starts with Janet checking into a hotel so she can be reunited with her husband Lt. Paul Stewart (Frank Latimore) whom she thought had died in the war. While waiting in her room Janet has a dream about her husband knocking at the door. But Janet can’t let him in she is running to the door but it keeps getting farther away from her. Finally she makes it to the door but the door is gigantic now and she can’t turn the door knob because it is too big. Janet wakes up distraught by the dream. She looks at her clock and sees that it is 1:30 in the morning. She gets up from the couch she has fallen asleep on and goes to the balcony. Looking out the balcony she sees a couple arguing it seems that the man has been seeing another woman behind his wife’s back and she has caught him. The man tells his wife that he no longer loves her anymore and wants a divorce. But his wife is so upset about being deceived she says she is going to let everyone know that he has been unfaithful and is going to ruin him. This sends the man in a rage and he picks up a candle stick holder and hits his wife over the head with it and this kills her. Janet watches this unfold without being notice and steps slowly back in horror. The film cuts away to the next morning and we see Janet’s husband arrival at the hotel. He goes up to the room to surprise her but when he gets in the room he sees his wife sitting on the couch with a look of horror on her face. She is in shock hence the title of the movie. Lt. Paul calls the hotel staff so they can get a doctor to the room. The hotel calls Dr. Blair (Selmer Jackson) but the doctor explains to Lt. Paul that he is just a regular doctor who is better with a broken arm then issues involving the mind. So he tells Lt. Paul he knows a very good doctor who deals with mental issues and he also stays in the hotel that they are at. Enter Dr. Richard Cross (Vincent Price) the man who earlier that night murdered his wife!  I won’t give away what happens next you will just have to give it a watch. But it’s worth the viewing. Stay nerdy people.        

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