Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bruiser (Review)

Have you ever felt like you are the only good person in the world and everyone else is just out for themselves? Well this is how Henry Creedlow (Jason Flemyng) felt in this 2000 film Bruiser. Directed by the great George A. Romero. The film start off with Henry getting ready for work. After Henry gets out of the shower and brushes his teeth finish shaving we see him put a gun under his chin and pulls trigger blood and brain matter fly on the shower wall. But we see it was all in Henry's head. So as you can tell Henry is not happy with his life. He is married to a woman who cheats on him with his own boss. His wife Janine played by Nina Garbiras. His boss Milo Styles is a totally a-hole played by Peter Stormare. And his best friend James Larson played by Andrew Tarbet who is his financial planner but is stealing his money. Henry sees all this going on in his life but does nothing about it until one day he wakes up to find that is face is gone. This sends him into a rage and he is set on revenge. So next time you are about to be a dick to someone think twice for they may wake up faceless and be coming after you. Stay nerdy people.

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