Friday, June 3, 2011

Picnic at Hanging Rock (Review)

Have you ever been on a picnic before most people have and most of the time it is a fun experience. This is not the case for a group of female students who went on a picnic and disappeared forever. The year is 1900 in Australia it is Valentines Day at the Appleyard College for girls. We see the girls waking up and preparing for their day. We met Miranda (Anne-Louise Lambert) a beautiful girl who stands out from all the other girls and Sara (Margaret Nelson) a shy girl who has a crush on Miranda. They and the other students are going on a picnic to Hanging Rock, a 105-metre-tall volcanic rock formation to celebrate Valentines Day. We find out that Sara is being punished for not memorizing a poem so she can not take part in the picnic. A group of about eleven girls leave to go to Hanging Rock with two of their teachers Miss Greta McCraw (Vivean Gray) and Mademoiselle de Portiers. They at arrive at Hanging Rock in the morning where the students and their teachers eat a cake that is in a shape of a heart. Time goes by and we see the student relaxing and just enjoying nature. By afternoon Miranda, Marion (Jane Vallis), Irma (Karen Robson), and Edith (Christine Schuler) decide to explore Hanging Rock even though Mrs. Appleyard forbid anyone from leaving the main group. On the way up to the rock we see a group of strangers Colonel Fitzhubert (Peter Collingwood) his wife Mrs. Fitzhubert (Olga Dickie) and their son Michael Fitzhubert (Dominic Guard) and their Australian valet Albert Crundall (John Jarratt).We see Michael and Albert both young men notice the girls, Albert makes some rude remarks which Michael is insulted by. Ben tells Michael he may not say it but he was thing about it. The girls disappear from their view and a few moments later Michael follows the girls to make sure they will be alright. The girls get tired from the exploring the rock and decide to lie down. Miranda, Marion, and Irma get up from there nap in a trance like state and leave through a path in the rock leaving Edith behind screaming in terror. The mystery begins give it a watch and see if you can solve it. Stay nerdy people.

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